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T-Mobile Tuesdays has been around since June of 2016. Since then, customers have been able to get a variety of discounts and deals over the years just for being a T-Mobile customer. This includes anything from concert tickets, tacos, gift cards, free merch, and coupons for major online retailers.

The deals have sometimes been so good, they break websites of the partners who collaborate on an exclusive deal. Overall the program has seen great success and has always been at the forefront of T-Mobile promoting its value as a carrier.

The T-Mobile Tuesdays program is now in the process of transitioning into becoming part of a new app called “T Life”. The benefits program will be launching within the new app that will be meshed together with other T-Mobile app services like Home Internet and SyncUP. In a now-deleted reddit post, a sneak peek of the announcement was posted.

Customers were informed via the existing T-Mobile Tuesdays app that change was coming a few weeks ago, and now it has officially begun.

T-Mobile Tuesdays will be transformed into T Life, and other services will assimilate into the service in future updates. If your apps are set to auto-update, the transition will occur on its own and no further action is necessary from the user.

Customers Were Notified Of The Change

As mentioned before, T Life will be including additional services T-Mobile offers. Here is the notification that is rolling out to existing users of the service, where additional future app features can be seen.

For the pre-launch app notification, the T-Mobile Tuesdays benefits are showcased front and center. This particular experience does not seem to be changing much, and will work very much the same as it does now.

Also in the image, on the left, you can see the SyncUP KIDS service, and on the right, T-Mobile Home Internet service management. It appears T-Mobile’s aim is to simplify their app offerings. Instead of many fragmented app experiences, customers can manage all of their T-Mobile services in one place.

It is unknown if other account management, like device upgrades and billing, will also be in the app, but our guess would be that T-Mobile will keep the account side of things to the “T-Mobile” app. The “T Life” name implies it’ll be more of a commonly-used app that a user might use multiple times a week, whereas the T-Mobile app would be left for the occasional account modification stuff.

If you only use T-Mobile Tuesdays and none of these other services, the new T Life app could easily become a way for T-Mobile to get your attention on the other parts of their portfolio to entice you… or maybe pester you.

T Life Rollout Has Now Begun

Users are now being greeted with an update to the T-Mobile Tuesdays app as it transitions into the new name of T Life. An internal document also confirms the rollout has begun.

Below are screenshots of both the Apple App store and the Google Play store. T Life has taken over as the primary name and icon of the app, but users can still see the old name “T-Mobile Tuesdays” right next to it for the time being. Many T-Mobile android devices come with the app pre-installed, so this naming convention is likely to also ease the transition out of the box as well.

As of posting, only the Apple app has actually pushed the update to users, while on Android, the app is still the previous Tuesdays-only version of the app from September. We expect that to change any day now, though, as the internal document states the rollout on Android will happen over the span of nearly two weeks. All Android users should be updated by February 5th.

For those on iOS however, the T Life app experience has begun. Users are being greeted to a new experience opening the app after the newest update.

Amusingly, a reddit user spotted that preview images used for the T Life app in both app stores feature screenshots presumably from a Verizon phone based on the network band showing “5G UW”. This will likely be remedied soon. Oops!

You can find the new app here on iOS and here on the Google Play store.

So, T-Mobile Tuesdays will now be a feature of T Life. Do you think this will streamline a customers’ experience with T-Mobile? Will it convolute what was once a simple app to use? Sound off in the comments below.

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