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Update 2: There are different promotion links for different plans. We’ve updated the post to include each one.

Update: Some customers on various plans, especially Go5G Plus, are incorrectly receiving an “ineligible” error when trying to redeem.

We’ve reached out to T-Mobile to see what’s going on and will update when we learn more. For now, we suggest these customers hold off for a day or so and try again later.

T-Mobile recently (and disappointingly) shared the news that they would be changing everyone’s Netflix “On Us” benefit to have ads. At the same time, the company also shared that existing customers that previously had Netflix through the carrier benefit would receive Hulu with Ads “On Us” as a sort of compensation for the Netflix changes. That benefit is now available to claim.

Hulu with Ads “On Us” was announced as an upcoming benefit a few weeks ago. Initially, it was believed only new and existing customers on the premium “Go5G Next” plan would receive the benefit. However, internal documents (and later texts to customers) confirmed that the benefit would be offered to existing customers too.

Customers that had an active Netflix subscription billed via T-Mobile as of January 5th 2024 are now eligible to claim a free Hulu with Ads subscription. The length of the benefit varies depending on which Netflix benefit you were previously receiving “On Us”.

Hulu BenefitPrevious Netflix
Hulu with Ads for 6 MonthsNetflix Basic “On Us”
Hulu with Ads “On Us”Netflix Standard “On Us”

Customers that receive the Hulu with Ads “On Us” will receive a 12-month subscription of Hulu with Ads to begin with. Once that subscription ends, customers will need to perform some kind of action to retain the free hulu. It’s unclear what this will be, but most likely this means customers will need to re-request a new 12-month code from T-Mobile at that time.

Likewise, customers that are eligible for the 6 month benefit will receive a code to redeem for 6 months of Hulu with Ads. Those customers will not be eligible to extend that benefit after the 6 months.

How to claim the free Hulu with Ads benefit

To claim the free Hulu benefit, you’ll use one of the three following links:

  • For most plans that are eligible for Hulu “On Us, click here
  • For Go5G Next Customers, click here
  • For customers eligible for just 6 months of hulu, click here

Careful though, terms say that once your code is generated by T-Mobile, you must redeem it on Hulu’s website within 30 days.

From there, you’ll be asked to sign into your account. The website will then determine which of the two benefit lengths you’re eligible for and provide a link to Hulu to complete sign up. The unique promo code will be auto-filled when you follow the redemption buttons.

Once you’ve completed signing up for a new Hulu account (or signing into an existing account without an active subscription) you’ll be given a year of Hulu with Ads.

A payment method is required for signup on Hulu. Hulu will attempt a $0 authorization charge to the card to verify it’s legitimacy, but will not charge any actual amounts until after your benefit length has elapsed (either 6 months or 12 months).

Hulu add-ons

Unfortunately, customers claiming T-Mobile’s Hulu benefit will not be able to upgrade to the ad-free version. Attempting to do so appears to void the 12-month (or 6-month) promo immediately.

However, there are other benefits that appear to work.

Hulu’s “Add-ons” all appear to be compatible with the T-Mobile benefit. Customers wishing to add these add-ons can do so and simply pay the difference.

For example, adding Disney+ (with ads) to the Hulu subscription seems to only cost $2 (plus tax) per month.

Note this discounted pricing could be account specific. If you’re using a Hulu account that had service previously, that discount may not show. Check your add-ons page to see pricing.


T-Mobile and Netflix both had a hand in ruining what was once a great benefit for customers: Netflix “On Us”. It’s unfortunate, but it’s the way things are these days.

T-Mobile is attempting to soften the blow a bit by offering Hulu to existing customers. As a reminder, moving forward, only new customers that sign up for Go5G Next will be eligible for the Hulu benefit, so for once T-Mobile is offering a perk to loyal customers.

It’s too bad about all those ads, though.

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