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Update: We now have confirmation that existing customers will receive Hulu as well. Details are here.

T-Mobile is starting off the new year with a great perk for their customers.

Announced today, T-Mobile will soon offer Hulu with Ads “On Us” for Go5G Next customers. However, according to internal documents shared with us here at The Mobile Report, it might not be just Next customers that get the perk.

T-Mobile will apparently be offering the regular Hulu with Ads service to all Go5G Next customers. In addition, however, it seems some lower tier and even legacy plans might get it as well.

Documents accessible by employees detailing Netflix “On Us” changes (more on that in another article) mention that existing Netflix customers will receive either 6 months of Hulu with Ads or Hulu with Ads “On Us”.

The details state that customers with “Netflix Basic On Us” will receive 6 months of Hulu with Ads. If the past is any indication, this benefit might be offered via a T-Mobile Tuesdays offer, but that’s unclear at this point.

Customers that have “Netflix Standard On Us”, which includes Go5G Plus, Magenta MAX, and even legacy T-Mobile ONE plans, will apparently get the full “Hulu with Ads On Us”.

It’s not entirely clear which plans will qualify for which benefit, but T-Mobile mentions that text messages detailing the benefit will begin going out today, January 3rd, to primary account holders. Those texts will clarify exactly who gets what.

We’ve also reached out to T-Mobile PR directly and will update if we hear back.

The new Hulu with Ads On Us benefit begins January 24th.

Update: We have received a confirmation document stating that existing customers who have Netflix will receive Hulu as well.

Customers that qualify and have claimed Netflix Basic “On Us” before January 5th 2024 will receive 6 months of Hulu with Ads at no cost.

Those that qualify and have claimed Netflix Standard “On Us” before January 5th 2024 will receive the full Hulu “On Us”, just like Go5G Next customers.

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