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We previously covered the high trade-in values for the T-Mobile Go5G-Plus-exclusive iPhone “On Us” offer, where the company will offer $830 towards a new iPhone 14 when you trade in a 6-year-old iPhone 7 or SE. Here are the details for another Go5G Plus promotion, Samsung Galaxy S23 “On Us”.

As listed in documents shared with The Mobile Report, T-Mobile will offer up to $800 towards a new Samsung Galaxy S23 device when you trade in an older device and join the new Go5G Plus plan.

The list goes back as far as 5 years in terms of eligible device age, so while not quite as impressive as the Apple promotion, it’s still not too bad. You can get the full $800 value for phones like the Galaxy S9, which came out in March 2018, and the iPhone XR, also from 2018. The full list of eligible devices can be seen below.

Sorry for the blurriness!

There are even older devices eligible at a $400 promotional value, like the Samsung Galaxy S6, which released an insane 8 years ago in 2015.

As a reminder, this promo is only for customers who switch to or open a new Go5G Plus plan with T-Mobile. The offer is limited to 4 redemptions per account, and no new lines are required, so existing customers who switch to the new plan are eligible too.

Customers interested in this or the iPhone promo can sign up for Go5G Plus later today, Sunday, April 23rd.

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