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The “Uncarrier” T-Mobile is launching new plans on Sunday, April 23rd. We previously covered that the company already has exclusive Go5G Plus promotions lined up, and now we know exactly what kind of insane value that new plan will offer customers.

Our previous coverage reported on an upcoming iPhone “On Us” promotion for Go5G Plus subscribers. The offer gives up to $830 towards an iPhone 14 or 13 series device with eligible trade-in. We now have a list of what devices will get full value, and it’s pretty impressive.

The company will give you the full $830 value for phones from as far back as 2016. This includes devices like the iPhone 7, iPhone SE, and iPhone X/XR/XS.

The promotion is clearly designed for iPhone users, as the highest values are for Apple devices. The eligible Samsung devices are much newer, like the Samsung Galaxy S20.

In addition to the highest values, customers can get half-value ($415) towards a new iPhone when they trade in some nearly as old (but non-Apple) devices like a Samsung Galaxy S8 or even budget devices like the Samsung Galaxy A71 5G.

This promo marks the first of what is likely many to come that are exclusive to the new Go5G Plus plan. So far it appears Magenta MAX customers are not eligible for these elevated trade-in values. T-Mobile promises that their new plan will offer “the same promotions as new customers now and forever”, so if you trust them to do that, you may want to consider switching to the new Go5G Plus plan when it becomes available April 23rd.

It’s possible similar value can be had with the company’s Samsung S23 promo we also mentioned in our last article. We’ll be sure to share with you if we get similar trade-in value information.

This new promo also launches the same day as the new plans on April 23rd. Customers interested can sign up online or in-store.

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