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T-Mobile is shoving yet another magenta-colored knife into the dying corpse of Sprint (too much?) by beginning automatic migration of Sprint accounts to the T-Mobile billing system.

We’ve previously covered the slow demise of Sprint, and as of yesterday, October 20th, T-Mobile has begun the “Magenta Complete” program. It’s the name they’ve given the process of automated account migrations from the Sprint billing system to the T-Mobile billing system.

According to documents shared with us, embedded below, the program “is designed for the customers who don’t visit Retail locations and who are already fully eligible to be moved.” The migration takes place behind the scenes and requires no action by a rep or customer.

The document also states that impacted customers will receive a welcome text on their devices once automated migration is completed. It also claims that customers will have no impacts to their service or their bills, nor will billing be affected. Presumably, after the migration, customers would then use the T-Mobile website for paying bills and managing their accounts.

Customer accounts in the process of migration will apparently have their accounts “locked” to where employees will not be able to make account changes, however the process should not take longer than 2 hours.

Existing Sprint rate plans are kept in the migration, so there should be no surprise bill changes. That being said, the process of migration is permanent. Once an account has been migrated to T-Mobile, there’s no going back.

The automated migrations are starting with a small wave of less than 1,000 customers, with the rest being done throughout 2022. If you’re on a Sprint plan and want to just get it over with, be sure to find out if you qualify for special Sprint Forward offers.

Did you receive a migration text? Let us know below!

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