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T-Mobile has heard the feedback from Sprint customers, and they’re launching a new 3-step program this Friday to help them feel welcome.

The info comes via leaked slides shared with The T-Mo Report. The slides appear to be from a training call held earlier today.

Sprint Customer Promise

The first step is the “Customer Promise”. T-Mobile says that this is “Our commitment to Sprint customers to deliver an unmatched service experience and transparency in the milestones required to move to T-Mobile.”

This appears to be simply a statement of their intentions, and not a step that involves any specifics regarding promos for Sprint customers.

Sprint Select

Sprint Select is a new invitation program for customers who are ready to migrate their service to a T-Mobile plan. Customers can choose from any of T-Mobile’s plans, including discounted plans like 55+ and Military, if eligible. An estimated 50% of Sprint customers will be eligible for the Sprint Select offers.

Customers that choose to move to the Magenta MAX plan will also get $15 off a 4-line plan, paying $155/mo instead of the standard rate of $170/mo.

Sprint customers that have an active phone lease under the “Flex Pay” program can have their lease forgiven if they move to a T-Mobile rate plan. Eligible leases are ones that have finished their 18 month lease term but are still doing month-to-month lease payments. Customers that choose this route will then be able to keep their device and use it on the T-Mobile network under their new T-Mobile rate plan.

Sprint TechUp

T-Mobile will begin actively targeting legacy Sprint customers in need of an upgrade in order to offer them exclusive deals. These are customers with devices that will stop working once the legacy network is decommissioned. The slide also reconfirms the Sprint CDMA shutdown of 12/31.

The targeted customers will be able to choose from 14 free devices, including the 5G-enabled Samsung Galaxy A32, Revvl V+, and OnePlus Nord N200.

They’ll also be offered iPhone and Galaxy Trade-in offers which will give them up to $830 off a new device. It’s unclear if this is exclusive to the TechUp promo or identical to trade-in promos that are available for existing T-Mobile customers.

T-Mobile is stressing that all 100% of customers targeted by this promo need to be upgraded. This means only customers using devices that will not work on T-Mobile’s network will be offered the TechUp deals.

The Sprint Forward Initiative starts Friday, August 20th.

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