[Update: Fixed] T-Mobile Stores Having Mild System Outage, Upgrades And JOD Affected

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Update 10/21: According to trusted sources, this outage is now fixed. Original story below.

It looks like some internal system issues are ongoing in retail locations.

According to an internal document (embedded below) and first-hand claims from employees, the “Upgrade Dashboard” that employees use at T-Mobile store locations is having an outage.

Typical phone upgrades, JUMP/JOD, and “Ship-To” (where a device is ordered for a customer to be shipped to their home) are affected. Direct online orders by customers are unaffected.

According to the document, a workaround exists for standard upgrades, so most customers likely won’t experience any issues in stores other than slightly longer wait times. Jump! and Jump On Demand orders will, however, be unavailable until the issue is resolved.

The issue appears to have begun around mid-afternoon today, and likely affects both standard T-Mobile store locations as well as National Retail like Best Buy. There is no current ETA on when the system will be available again.

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