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T-Mobile is dropping another legacy Sprint item, and this time it’s Asurion.

According to a slide shared with The T-Mo Report, embedded below, T-Mobile is planning to merge Sprint’s legacy protection plan, Sprint Complete, and their existing Protection <360> plan. Impacted customers will be informed beginning September 15th via direct mailers.

The document states that there will be 100+ new Assurant Service & Repair stores, which seems to imply former Sprint Asurion repair stores will become T-Mobile Assurant stores. This changeover is expected to take place October 11th, with dates subject to change.

At first, only T-Mobile rate plans will be serviceable, with Sprint Complete customers eligible November 1st once their migration over to a Protection <360> plan is finished. All repair stores will then service both rate plans, with an estimated 12 million Sprint and 19 million T-Mobile customers covered in total.

Current Sprint Complete customers should keep an eye out for an email around the middle of September for more information.

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