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T-Mobile is known to reward your loyalty with perks and gifts. Through the T-Life app, you’re able to claim different kinds of gifts, whether it’s physical or virtual ones.

Lately, the company has been going at the “physical gift” part a lot, including last month’s tote bags. The freebies, which might be financed by new ads that have been recently spotted inside the app, are often pretty handy items that can get some good use. The next upcoming freebie is too, as it’s a cool new color-changing mug.

T-Mobile will soon start giving out a new color-changing cup that has the T-Mobile logo on it as part of T-Mobile Tuesdays. It’s a regular cup, seemingly made of aluminum, but the cool part about it is that once you pour a cold liquid inside it, such as cold water, the logo on the front will turn from being barely visible into T-Mobile’s signature magenta color.

The metallic interior looks like it could be good to retain temperatures, but other than this, this is just your regular branded cup, with a color-changing logo on it.

If you want to claim it, all you need to do is go inside the T-Life app, go into T-Mobile Tuesdays, and save the offer on Tuesday, June 11th. From there, just walk into your closest physical T-Mobile location, show a rep that you have claimed the offer, and they should bring you your cup. Then, just serve yourself some nice cold water, and watch the T logo change colors.

Compared to the sunglasses and the tote bag, this probably ranks lower in terms of usefulness, but you can’t deny it looks nice.

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