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T-Life is T-Mobile’s fresh start in the app space, launched at the beginning of this year. It was first seen as a re-banding of the mobile “T-Mobile Tuesday” experience, with customers unlocking deals through the new T-Life app instead. Then, it took center stage when T-Mobile announced “VIP Status”, adding new benefits to the program. The app has functioned as intended, albeit with some doubts raising when third-party ads began appearing in the mix of the content. Now the company is looking to cram in even more features.

Latest Update Promotes New T-Life Features

On May 31st, iOS users were greeted with an update to the T-Life app.

In app version 9.0.0, the update reads as follows: “Big news! Now you can manage your T-Mobile account right from the app, including the ability to add a new line. But we’re just getting started. T-Life will be the go-to spot for all things T-Mobile, and more features are on the way.”

Customers can now access information via the “Manage” tab on the bottom-right of the app. The level of detail will be based on the log in credentials used for the app, so if you want to see everything, you must be a primary user.

Here, users are greeted with bill balance, due date, and line information. Tapping on the arrow in “More billing and payment options” takes users to a website-based view of payments. It includes options like changing payment information, setting up payment arrangements, and viewing bill breakdowns/PDF’s.

Tapping on the arrow in the “Data used” area takes users to a mobile browser-friendly view of line usage. It is also similar web-based view the old app would provide.

Other account management features are also present in the tab. This includes adding people or new lines to your account, managing device payment plans, and even adding your personal “Magenta Pass” to your iOS Wallet app.

As of this writing, the Android version of the update to T-Life was in a very early rollout, with the first wave hitting as of June 1st. For most users, the latest update is 8.4.2, released in early May. However, if the update isn’t available for you on the Play store yet, you can side load it by downloading the new version on APK Mirror.

It will be a wonder what T-Mobile can do next for the app. Perhaps in-app chat support or Scam Shield management are in the works? Only time will tell what T-Mobile implies with ‘more features on the way’.

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