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One of the biggest perks of being a T-Mobile user is the occasional perk, experience, or gift you get through T-Mobile Tuesdays, or “Magenta Status” as they now call it. T-Mobile tends to be rather generous on occasions, though, and millions of people are eligible for these rewards.

This, obviously, costs the company money. You’d think the carrier already makes enough for this to be sustainable, but it might not be as sustainable as we thought, as T-Mobile seems to be introducing ads to show to customers alongside offers in the T-Life app.

Many users have now begun seeing ads within the T-Life app, which is the app you use to claim T-Mobile Tuesdays/Magenta Status benefits and perks. The screenshot below showcases an ad for the mobile game “Match Collector” that was shown inside the T-Life app—as far as we know, everyone is seeing the same exact ad, but T-Mobile might have a wider bank of ads to show users in the future.

The purpose of these ads is not immediately clear, but if we had to take a guess, we’d say that T-Mobile is doing this in an attempt to use these ads to partially foot the bill for the freebies. There does not seem to be any T-Mobile-specific perk or freebie associated with this game, so it seems it’s just a basic advertisement.

As we alluded to before, gifts still cost T-Mobile money, and while the company does its best to foot the bill with the revenue it already gets, they still have a considerable monetary impact. Just try giving millions of people tote bags, for one.

To be fair to T-Mobile, as advertisements go it isn’t too bad comparatively speaking. Many sites now do much more annoying things, like auto-playing videos pinned to the corner, or popups begging for signups. Here at The Mobile Report we use ads too (though we try to be as unobtrusive as possible). Hopefully T-Mobile doesn’t go too far with their new revenue stream here.

Next time you open the T-Life app, don’t be surprised to see an ad just hanging around. Who knows, maybe T-Mobile will even begin using your intimate personal details to train AI on providing you the best Ads!

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