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Verizon seems to be feeling the pressure from competitors AT&T and T-Mobile, as it appears Big Red is launching some exclusive discounts in select areas where they’re feeling the heat.

As detailed in internal documents shared with us here at The Mobile Report, Verizon will now offer discounts on many of their current unlimited plans in select markets for new customers. The discounts apply to Verizon’s Start, Play More, Do More, Get More, and One plans.

The offer, called Mix & Match 4.0 Unlimited, is $15 off the first line, and an additional $5 discount per added line after that. Marketing in these select areas will describe the offer as “Get 2 lines for $100” and “Get a single line for $55”.

Verizon says these discounts are targeted in areas where AT&T and T-Mobile are seen as “strong competitors”, and describes the offer as a great way for employees to hit sales goals.

Not all areas will be eligible for the discounts. There are apparently 231 specific markets across the US where this offer will be available. Embedded below are screenshots of a spreadsheet listing those locations.

The discount is available to new Verizon customers with either new lines or port-ins from another carrier. Existing customers are not eligible.

This offer comes on the heels of Verizon having a major internal outage which severely delayed activations and account changes for up to 24 hours or more. It’s also shortly after the company made plans to raise the price of legacy unlimited plans.

Those interested in this offer who are in one of those markets can sign up for service beginning today, March 2nd.

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