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Update 3/2/2023: According to sources, the issues are now fixed. Customers still experiencing issues with their device are asked to reboot to restore service. Original article is below.

Verizon, considered by many to be the most reliable of the big carriers, is having some issues today. The company is having issues with activating devices and there are even reports that porting out of the carrier is failing or delayed as well.

Reports from around the internet say that Big Red is having serious delays when activating devices and lines on the network. The company also confirmed the news via Twitter.

Sources say that even feature and plan changes made in-store or by customers online are having issues as well. Reports from T-Mobile and AT&T employees also say that porting from Verizon is also heavily delayed and are getting “stuck” during the migration process. The issues appear to have began yesterday, February 28th 2023 around noon.

Some customers are even losing service on their phones simply for browsing upgrade options online. They are then unable to have the issue resolved via support. Others have been waiting on an activation for over 24 hours.

There are also rumors that this issue won’t be fixed until Saturday, though that is unconfirmed at this time. The outage comes right after the news that Verizon is raising their rates on legacy customers. There’s no question these issues could cause loss of customers to another carrier or an MVNO, especially if the issue persists for many days.

For now, Verizon customers are advised to not make any changes for a few days unless absolutely necessary. This includes plan changes, phone upgrades, and anything else that makes modifications to the account.

Officially, there’s no ETA for full restoration of services. Customers facing issues are asked to be patient and give time for the activations to get through the system.

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