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Verizon Unlimited plans are pretty popular, but their legacy grandfathered Unlimited plans are even more so. Unfortunately those legacy customers are about to find out their prices are increasing.

According to a document shared with us here at The Mobile Report, Verizon will soon be implementing a per-line price increase to customers with legacy Unlimited plans.

As shown above, the document says that certain legacy Unlimited plans will be receiving a $2 per line price bump per month.

The document does not specifically clarify which plans are affected, but sources say impacted plans include at least the Go Unlimited, Go Unlimited Loyalty, Beyond Unlimited, Unlimited $65 and $110 plans, and the 55+ Unlimited plans.

It’s important to note that this price increase won’t apply to any plans currently offered by Verizon, only legacy ones.

An increase of $2 per month doesn’t seem like much, but for customers with many lines it can be a significant monthly increase. An account with 12 lines, for example, would face a not-insignificant $24 per month increase in their monthly payments.

Verizon plans to begin informing affected customers on March 2nd. They’ll be relaying the news via a message on customer bills and via email. The changes are set to take place no earlier than April 10th.

It’s likely Verizon is attempting to push these grandfathered accounts onto more modern plans that earn Verizon more money. Older plans often have better perks or offer service at cheaper prices, which is seen as a loss for the company.

That being said, it’s a bit puzzling. Verizon is likely to irritate quite a number of customers with this change. It’s enough to make some people consider other carriers like T-Mobile, which has a Price Lock program, or even MVNOs like Mint Mobile, which offer cheaper access to the big three networks.

Customers impacted by this change will be notified by email and bill message during the month of March.

Special thanks to Tech Life Channel over on YouTube for the tip!

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