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T-Mobile has six “Signature Stores” that offer exclusive premium experiences around the T-Mobile brand. Locations include things like VR, phone demos, drink bars, and live DJs. Unfortunately four of these locations are coming to an end.

According to multiple sources, T-Mobile will be closing four of their six “Signature Store” locations. Those locations include the San Francisco, Chicago, Miami, and Santa Monica stores.

The decision apparently came directly from Jon Freier, President of T-Mobile Consumer Group, who broke the news via a “Freierside Chat” held this past Friday.

T-Mobile Signature Store in Times Square, New York

Freier himself mentioned these Signature Stores as one key part of T-Mobile’s plans for brick and mortar locations just two months ago in a T-Mobile Newsroom press release. It appears opinions may have changed about their importance since then.

Affected employees who work at these locations are being offered placement at nearby T-Mobile stores or severance. Signature Store employees are said to have higher pay than standard employees, so moving to other stores would be a pay cut.

It’s clear T-Mobile is making a number of changes to increase revenue and lower costs. Just a few weeks ago, it was discovered that the carrier plans to eliminate their autopay discount for customers paying via credit card. That change is expected to take place May 16th.

Sources say that a single Signature Store location could have a rent cost of $500,000 or more per month, so it’s no surprise the company has decided to close those locations.

The New York City and Las Vegas Signature Stores will remain open for the time being.

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