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T-Mobile Tuesdays is one of the best “Uncarrier” perks that T-Mobile offers. Each week the app offers everything from discounted Legoland tickets to $2 gift cards to Dunkin. Occasionally, however, T-Mobile offers a physical item available at all of their retail locations. That time is approaching once again, as on June 21st customers will be able to snag free pride socks.

Physical items are pretty popular when they come around in the app. The previous free physical item was a thermal lunch tote offered back in April. Prior to that, in October, customers were able to snag a free blanket.

The news comes via a tip sent to The T-Mo Report. The socks are beginning to arrive at stores across the country in preparation for the giveaway.

The socks are, of course, pride themed as a celebration of pride month. They feature the full array of pride colors as well as the word “LOVE” written down one side. Of course they also include the T-Mobile logo across the foot section of the sock.

To snag the freebie, install the T-Mobile Tuesdays app on iOS or Android and sign in using your phone number. Then, on the Tuesday the item becomes available, stop by your local T-Mobile store and redeem the item in the app. Each line on an account is eligible for the freebie.

The T-Mobile pride socks will be available on Tuesday, June 21st.

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