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The insider discount has been the most popular service promo available at T-Mobile since 2017. It gives the customer 20% off all standard voice lines on an account. The promotion has come and gone multiple times over the years with the most recent versions requiring the new customer to sign up for the Magenta MAX plan.

Now it appears T-Mobile is sending some existing customers an email containing a 20% off code to send to a friend or family member.

According to documents shared with The T-Mo Report, T-Mobile began sending “select customers” a 20% off code to share with a friend. When the code is used successfully by a new customer, the existing customer that referred them receives a free $50 virtual prepaid MasterCard as a reward.

The emails began going out on May 24th. A copy of the email is embedded below. The documents say that “select customers” are receiving the email, and mentions that the recipients “are currently receiving some of our best plan pricing”. This seems to indicate that the existing customers receiving the codes already have the insider promotion on their accounts, and the example email below seems to confirm that.

New customers who want to take advantage of the promotion must port their phone number into T-Mobile from a competitor network. This means they cannot be on T-Mobile, Metro by T-Mobile, or any of T-Mobile’s MVNO partners. The new customer must also sign up for the Magenta MAX plan and redeem the code on T-Mobile’s dedicated insider website within 14 days of port-in.

Existing customers with the insider discount should check their emails to see if they’ve received a code to hand out. These codes expire on August 24th.

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