T-Mobile Will Offer Existing Magenta MAX Customers 20% Off For Life

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insider discount coming to existing magenta max customers

The insider hookup promotion is going through some changes once again, as T-Mobile will soon offer new and existing Magenta MAX customers 20% off their accounts for life.

The news comes via internal documents shared with The T-Mo Report. They show that starting January 6th all employees will receive 2 codes: one for existing customers who have or switch to Magenta MAX, and one for new customers.

You read that right. Existing Magenta MAX customers can get 20% off with no strings attached.

The insider hookup discount has been a recurring discount on and off since 2017. Most recently, employees were given 4 codes in December for new customers to get 20% off. This new version of the promotion is the first time existing customers are being offered the discount.

New customers wanting to join T-Mobile will need to create a new T-Mobile account on the Magenta MAX plan (or an eligible business plan) and port in from an eligible competitor. Porting from Sprint, Boost (in the Shentel market), T-Mobile Prepaid, Metro by T-Mobile, any MVNOs using T-Mobile’s network (like Google Fi), and Google Voice numbers are not eligible.

Interestingly, the details of both promos show that having third line free and/or free lines will not affect the discount at all. It’s clear T-Mobile is really wanting to get as many customers on the MAX plan as possible. The existing customer codes will work for any existing customer on T-Mobile, as long as they have or switch from their existing plan to Magenta MAX.

The insider promo will also combine with any of T-Mobile’s phone promos, like the upcoming Samsung deals.

The promo is intended for friends and family of T-Mobile employees, so customers wanting to take advantage of the offer will need to find a willing employee. Customers who already have Magenta MAX should be able to add the code on the insider website starting on the 6th.

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