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T-Mobile has a new offer for its Home Internet subscribers: a free Ooma Telo Air VoIP device.

According to an internal document obtained by The T-Mo Report, embedded below, T-Mobile will offer a voucher code to Home Internet subscribers for a free Ooma Telo Air when customers subscribe to Ooma’s $9.99 per month “Premier” service.

This could be seen as a replacement for T-Mobile’s LineLink home phone adapter, which they ended sales of earlier this year. Retail price for the Ooma Telo Air is currently $129.99, so this is a significant savings over MSRP.

The Ooma device features a single RJ11 phone jack for connecting to home phone devices. It connects to your home network (in this case, the T-Mobile Home Internet gateway) via WiFi or wired Ethernet. It also has Amazon Alexa integration to make calls using your voice.

The offer requires the $9.99 per month “Premier” plan, which adds functionality over their basic plan. Such features include a free second line, automatic call forwarding, Caller ID, free calling to Canada and Mexico, and more. You can see more details of the Premier plan on Ooma’s website.

Customers that decide to claim the offer must maintain the Ooma Premier service plan for 18 months. The service must be activated after receipt of the new Ooma Telo Air device. If canceled early, the device must be returned to Ooma, or a non-return fee of $299.99 will be charged.

Eligible customers interested in the device and home phone service can request the discount on T-Mobile’s dedicated promotions page. The offer is set to begin on December 15th, so even though the promotion page is currently live, you may want to wait until then to submit the request.

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