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bogo lines

T-Mobile plans to offer Buy One Get One (BOGO) lines to their discounted rate plans which includes 55+, First Responder, and Military rate plans. There is, however, a small catch.

The details were first shared on Reddit and independently confirmed by The T-Mo Report via internal documents, embedded below. The offers are “Third Line Free” and “Buy 1 Voice Line, Get 1 Free”, and the promotion you get is determined by how many lines you already have.

The catch is you must have at least 3 months of account tenure as of the start date of the promotion, December 17th. That means customers who opened a 55+, First Responder, or Military account after September 17th will not be eligible.

Customers on eligible plans with single lines will likely end up with the Third Line Free promotion, while customers with 2 or more lines will get the BOGO promotion. Interestingly, there are less eligible SOC codes for the Third Line Free promotion. It’s unclear why that is.

To check your SOC code, you can follow the instructions laid out here on Reddit. We also have browser extensions for both Chrome and Firefox that will detect your SOC code upon login and display it simply and easily. From there, compare your SOC code to the lists in the images above to see if your plan is eligible.

It’s worth reminding that discounted rate plans are subject to a maximum line cap. This includes 4 lines max on the 55+ plan. If you already have 3 or 4 lines on 55+, you won’t be eligible for the promotion because you can’t fit an additional 2 lines on the account.

The offer starts Friday, December 17th. Eligible customers can add the lines themselves online or via the app, or by contacting support through any channel. There is currently no end date set for this promotion.

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