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Starting today T-Mobile Home Internet customers who have the old LTE-only Askey gateway can request an upgrade to the new 5G Gateway.

Customers with the older device can visit this link to fill out a form to be notified when a modem upgrade will be available.

T-Mobile first began offering the custom-built 5G modem back in early January as a result of exhausting their existing stock of the Askey LTE gateway. The new device is based on the Nokia FastMile.

Users with the Askey model may want to hold off on upgrading if they use any advanced routing features. It is rumored that the early release of the new device resulted in a lack of features in the device’s firmware, as well as occasional hardware failures. The new 5G gateway does not yet have standard features such as port forwarding or a bridged mode. This has been a big complaint among early adopters and users of the new gateway.

We’ll be doing a detailed review of the 5G Gateway soon, so keep an eye out here on The T-Mo Report for that.

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