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According to an internal document obtained by The T-Mo Report, some T-Mobile customers were able to stack ineligible device promotions with the free lines back in December.

The document, shown in the header image above, indicates that the “Line On Us 3” and “Line On Us 4” promos sometimes incorrectly allowed ineligible device promos to be combined with them, such as free phones when you add a line. This led to some customers getting heavily discounted or even entirely free phones in some cases.

The list of discounts that incorrectly stacked is long. Here are some of the standouts:

  • New Smartphone “On Us”
  • $99 Samsung Galaxy FE
  • iPhone XR “On Us” (Cyber Monday Promo)
  • REVVL 5G “On Us” (Cyber Monday Promo)
  • iPhone 12 “On Us”
  • Free Galaxy A71 5G for new lines
  • OnePlus 8T+ “On Us”

It’s unclear if all customers that tried to get the promo were able to keep it or if only a select few got lucky. Since the free line promos are no longer available only those customers who were able to stack at the time are eligible to keep them.

Did you manage to get this lucky deal? Comment below!

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