Update: Resolved | Connection Issue Affecting T-Mobile’s Askey Home Internet Gateways

2 min read

Update: Internally the issue is marked as resolved. It’s still unclear what the actual issue was or how many were affected.

According to internal sources and emerging posts on Reddit, many Askey Home Internet Gateways provided by T-Mobile are having sudden issues connecting to the network, with users being shown a red LTE indicator.

So far it appears only the Askey model is affected, with no reports so far of the issue affecting the new Nokia 5G gateway. Affected customers also do not appear to be localized to any particular part of the country.

Technicians are investigating the issue internally to determine a cause. As of now customers with the issue are being sent new sims and/or gateways. Home Internet support reps are being told to troubleshoot issues as normal for the time being.

It’s unclear how long the issue will last or what the nature of the failure is. We’ll update this post when more is known.

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