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Home Internet from T-Mobile is wildly popular among both traditional internet customers and people in areas too remote for other options. The company recently announced two new Home Internet plans: a Plus plan that offers a mesh Wi-Fi node plus 24/7 support, and an Away plan designed for customers frequently on-the-go. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) T-Mobile has apparently delayed the rollout of the latter plan.

According to a document shared with us here at The Mobile Report, T-Mobile has paused their Away plan rollout due to some kind of issue encountered during last minute testing.

During the final pre-launch testing of the Away plan, we encountered an issue with a setup that would have resulted in a customer experience that didn’t meet T-Mobile’s high bar. We’ve decided to delay the launch of the Away plan so we can make the experience amazing for customers.

T-Mobile internal document

The note was added to the company’s internal document about the launch of the two new plans. Employees now note that when entering an address for a new customer, only Home Internet and Home Internet Plus are shown as available.

It’s also worth noting that, apparently, the Away plan would only work for customers that had home addresses that were already eligible for standard unlimited Home Internet. This means customers that would want to get the Away plan would need to already qualify for regular Home Internet anyway, thus sort of defeating the point.

The only customers that would truly be able to get the service are ones that definitely travel a ton, so much so that they’re never home enough to use the standard Home Internet they would already qualify for at a much cheaper price.

We’re not sure why this limitation was put in place, or in fact if that’s the issue that caused the delay. It seems unusual to market an internet plan to “digital nomads” that requires a set-in-stone home address to qualify.

There’s currently no ETA on when the Away plan will return for customers to order, but we’ll keep an eye out and let you know when we learn more.

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