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International calling is a feature many families rely on for staying in contact with friends and family. T-Mobile has offered their “Stateside International” add-on on a per-line basis for a while, but now the company has released a special plan-wide add-on at a significant savings.

Available now, and for a limited time, customers on T-Mobile postpaid can add an account-wide “Stateside International” add-on for $20 per month.

The add-on gives every line on an account the ability to make calls to over 70 different countries via mobile-to-landline calls and over 30 different countries for mobile-to-mobile calls. Unlimited texting is also included to those same countries.

The add-on is available for a limited time, so interested customers will want to jump on this one ASAP. Once the promo ends, customers that have the add-on will retain it indefinitely.

An internal document makes a quick comparison to T-Mobile’s competitors, too. Both AT&T and Verizon offer their own international calling feature at $15 per line per month, with no account-wide option available. T-Mobile’s own international calling add-on is also $15 per month on an individual line.

Overall, the savings add up quickly. Even if just 2 of your lines use international calling, you’re better off with the plan-wide version.

To add the add-on, simply visit the Manage Add-ons page on your T-Mobile account, and add the feature there. You can find instructions on how to find that page here on T-Mobile’s website.

There’s no word yet on when this promo will end, so if you make lots of international calls, you’ll want to hop on this deal quickly.

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