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Yesterday, as Apple announced its latest devices—the iPhone 15 series—the wireless sector began to bustle with carriers aiming to offer the most compelling deals. AT&T has jumped into the fray with a set of enticing promotions. In this article, we’ll delve into the specifics of AT&T’s trade-in program, distinguish it from other major U.S. carriers, and offer a snapshot of what you can expect if you opt for AT&T’s deal.

AT&T’s Trade-In Program: The Basics

AT&T offers customers a 30-day window to trade in their older smartphones for promotional credits that can be applied toward the purchase of a new device. This can be done either by shipping the device to AT&T or by visiting a local store.

Promotional Credit Values:

The credits applied only counteract against the monthly cost of a device and have no cash value. If the device’s cost is less than the credit value, you’ll essentially get the device for free, but no cash will be refunded.

How AT&T Stands Apart

What sets AT&T’s trade-in program apart from rivals like Verizon and T-Mobile is its universality. While other carriers often restrict promotions to new customers or specific plans, AT&T makes their offer accessible to all.

However, it’s worth noting that, while it seems AT&T recently discontinued its $350 off trade-in deal for devices valued between $35 and $134.99, it was simply left out of the initial press release, and the company is still honoring the device promotion as they have in years past, as confirmed by this snippet of the AT&T preorder site copied below. This means many will be familiar with the promotions being offered on the latest iPhones as these promotions have many similarities to last year’s launch promotions.

AT&T’s trade-in promotions provide both new and existing customers with flexible options for upgrading to the iPhone 15 series. The substantial promotional credits make AT&T’s latest offers particularly attractive and competitive in today’s market.

The iPhone 15 series of devices will be available for preorder beginning Friday, September 15th. Interested customers can check out their personalized deals here on AT&T’s website.

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