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Every once in a while, T-Mobile offers some customers the opportunity to add a free line to their accounts. The terms on who’s eligible always vary a bit, but the offer itself is always the same — a free line you can add to your account, and that’s it. The last time we saw T-Mobile give out free lines was in March, and now, the offer is back yet again as per a leaked document.

T-Mobile is once again giving out free lines, albeit this time around, the terms are a bit more confusing than usual. Here’s the document we’ve been given.

Unfortunately, the only official info we have to go on is in this document. Users who have the “2023BYOD_P1” segment on their account can claim their very own free line for a very limited time. The promotion started today, June 28th, and will end tomorrow by the end of the day, so you’ll want to check if you’re eligible — and add your line, of course — right away.

Of course, there are also caveats you need to know about. Namely, you get no EIP for the life of the line, which might make things a bit harder if you ever want to upgrade your device down the road.

There are also many rumors surrounding this promo that may or may not be accurate. Some say the free line is only for Go5G Plus plans, while others say only accounts with one existing free line or less are eligible. T-Mobile seems to enjoy being as vague as possible with these promos lately, leading to all sorts of speculation.

If you have the segment, you’ll be able to claim the line, so make sure to check if you’re eligible before the offer is gone tomorrow. You can contact customer support or visit a store to see if you qualify.

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