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When it comes to foldable phones, many think about Samsung, but Motorola is also closely behind with its Razr lineup. It was first conceived as a throwback-style phone before the company opted to make it look more like Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip series, greatly improving the quality of the series in the process. Now, the new Razr+ is launching on T-Mobile, complete with a cool magenta colorway and enticing deals.

The Motorola Razr+ is available in an iconic “Viva Magenta” colorway exclusively from the carrier, in addition to the standard “Infinite Black” color. This adds a much-needed splash of color, and personality, to the already-great smartphone.

Perhaps the more enticing reason to get the smartphone through T-Mobile, though, rather than just the color, is the insane deals you can grab with it. The phone is normally $999, which is grossly in foldable phone pricing territory as you might expect. However, you can get an attractive discount, or even the whole phone for free, if you’re willing to take any of T-Mobile’s offers.

If you have Go5G Plus or Magenta MAX and you’re willing to either trade in an eligible device or add a new line, you can get the phone for free. This is one of the rare times where T-Mobile isn’t leaving the MAX customers behind, and is offering them the same deal that Go5G Plus customers get. Those on the older ONE Plus plan, however, are not considered “premium” this time around.

If, on the other hand, you have any standard non-premium Go5G plan, a non-MAX Magenta plan, or a T-Mobile ONE/ONE Plus plan, then trading in a device will get you up to half off. Adding a line will get you just $400 off for some reason. $500 off a $1000 smartphone isn’t as fantastic as completely free, but it still isn’t too bad of a deal.

Then there’s everyone else. If you’re still rocking an older plan, like Simple Choice, it seems T-Mobile is starting to try and persuade you to upgrade your plan. Customers on plans not listed above (ONE, Magenta, or Go5G) are only eligible for $200 off via trade-in. It’s not clear if there is any discount for adding a line on these plans either.

Keep in mind that not all devices are eligible for the full trade-in credit. Non-SE iPhones from 2018 onward, Samsung flagships no older than the Galaxy S20/Galaxy Note10 series, the OnePlus 10 Pro and 9 Pro, and the Google Pixel 7 Pro are all eligible for the full credit. If, on the other hand, you have an older phone, or a phone from another brand, it may only be eligible for $500 off, even on the premium plans.

Below is a list of the eligible trade-in devices and their values for Magenta MAX and Go5G Plus customers.

As for legacy T-Mobile ONE/ONE Plus, Magenta, or Go5G standard plans, here are your trade-in values.

Finally, for those on much older plans like Simple Choice or any plan not listed above, you only get up to $200 credit via the eligible devices shown below.

As usual, these credits apply monthly spread out over the length of a 24-month EIP.

If interested in the new Razr+, you can pre-purchase now on T-Mobile’s website. The phone launches on Friday, June 23rd.

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