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Costco made headlines in December when the third party company running mobile sales in their stores, Wireless Advocates, collapsed overnight. Wireless Advocates sold T-Mobile service with deals that were only available to Costco customers and included waived support fees. Now that Wireless Advocates is gone, T-Mobile is now directly offering service in select Costco locations.

According to sources familiar with the matter, select Costco stores around the country are piloting a program with T-Mobile to sell services. The locations are staffed by actual corporate T-Mobile employees just like regular stores, with no third party companies involved.

Costco is also partnering with AT&T in some locations, but details are slim about that partnership. The overall consensus is that Costco will eventually go through with the partnership with T-Mobile, potentially expanding to more and more stores as time goes on. That is all speculation, of course, as there has been no official word on the partnership yet.

With this news comes the return of exclusive promotions too. As detailed below, customers can get up to a $150 Costco gift card per new line activated with a phone installment plan in-store.

Offers valid as of January. Deals may vary over time.

New activations of T-Mobile Home Internet (HSI) and “beyond the smartphone” (BTS) purchases like watches can also get a $25 gift card.

Sales through Costco are also apparently having the Device Connection Charge waived as well, just as Wireless Advocates did with support fees in the past.

It’s good to see T-Mobile is continuing to offer Costco-exclusive promotions, as they were quite popular among customers. We’ll be sure to update here on The T-Mo Report when we learn more about the partnership.

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