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Previously we reported that T-Mobile was beginning to place corporate employees at 178 select Costco stores across the country. The move was a response to the sudden closure of Wireless Advocates, the third party company that handled mobile sales in Costco locations. Thanks to a tip, we now have a full list of those 178 locations.

These stores represent about 31% of the total number of Costco locations across the US. They are staffed by mobile expert employees from nearby corporate-owned T-Mobile stores.

The Costco sales channel offers unique discounts, like waived $35 Device Connection Charges and Costco Shop Cards as a perk for porting in new lines.

For convenience the locations have been plotted on a map, embedded below.

As you can see, the locations that were chosen are pretty evenly spread across the entire US, including some stores in Hawaii and Puerto Rico. You can see a full list of all Costco locations in the US at this link.

The consensus among insiders is that T-Mobile is working on a long-term contract with Costco. If that happens, T-Mobile is likely to expand to even more locations over time. AT&T also has exclusivity in some Costco locations as well.

Are you planning to visit Costco for your next T-Mobile purchase? Looking forward to those waived $35 fees? Let us know in the comments below!

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