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T-Mobile is known to pride themselves on having top tier customer service. Unfortunately, sometimes people don’t get the memo, as it seems a T-Mobile manager allegedly showed up intoxicated to work.

A recent TikTok has gone viral on Reddit’s r/PublicFreakout subreddit showing a customer having an argument with a T-Mobile employee over the weekend. The employee is apparently the manager of the store, located somewhere in Minnesota.

The customer visited the T-Mobile location to get assistance connecting her new watch to her phone. Instead, the manager allegedly wiped the phone completely. The customer says they lost lots of photos and videos as a result.


The video appears to have been recorded by a bystander, and not someone related to the transaction in question.

This guy is the manager of a T-mobile store. As soon as I arrived I noticed that something was not okay. As you can see he was on something. At some point, I felt not safe. I left my modem on the counter because I was afraid of him. I was with my son and also there was another teenager at the store. This lady lost every picture of her granddaughter’s birth and so many things she had on her phone. luckily that lady took my modem out of the store and I was able to return it to another store.

Description given for the TikTok video

The manager seems to have trouble processing the situation, and gives off the impression he is drunk or impaired in some way. When asked what he did to the phone, he says “I have no idea, I don’t remember”. He then goes on to tell the woman “you messed up”, implying that the customer is to blame for the phone being wiped.

A comment from the poster says that someone in charge of the manager contacted them, and they are looking into it. However, a post today says the manager is at the store again today, and still appears to be intoxicated. There were, allegedly, police involved as well. An update comment on the original video also shares this info, saying that a separate customer called police on the employee for appearing to be drunk the very next day.

According to sources, the store is a former Sprint location and is a third party store, known as a TPR. This would mean that the handling of staff would be done by the third party company and not T-Mobile corporate. However, the store still represents T-Mobile’s brand, so hopefully the company reaches out and makes sure this employee is dealt with.

We reached out to T-Mobile for comment but did not hear back in time for publication. We’ll update this post if we learn more.

Hopefully the situation is handled properly. If the employee is indeed drunk at work, they could easily be a danger to the public, especially if they are driving themselves to and from work.

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