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T-Mobile’s Home Internet is popular. So popular that they’ve had to partner with 3 separate vendors to provide hardware to keep up with demand. According to sources, that demand is about to have a sudden spike.

As detailed in a brief document shared with us here at The T-Mo Report, embedded below, and confirmed via a report from CNET, T-Mobile will soon be offering an absolutely bonkers 50% off Home Internet service for life to new and existing customers.

The deal is available to all eligible accounts too, not just Magenta MAX. That means existing voice customers on any plan can simply add Home Internet to their account and get it for $25/mo with autopay enabled. There’s no strings attached, either, other than the requirement that you must have at least one voice line. Customers without a voice line can add a new voice line to their existing or a new account and will be eligible for the offer.

New customers that open an account and add at least one voice line are also eligible. Unfortunately customers who already have T-Mobile Home Internet at any rate, or who have had and cancelled Home Internet in the last 30 days, are not eligible for this promotion.

T-Mobile’s previous best offer for Home Internet was for Magenta MAX customers. That deal allowed those customers to add Home Internet for $30 per month instead of the full $50 per month price.

Customers interested in this deal can add a Home Internet line starting December 8th.

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