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sprint forward 2022

There’s some good news for Sprint holdouts, as it appears T-Mobile will not require plan changes for legacy Sprint customers moving to the T-Mobile network and billing system.

We previously covered the Sprint Forward Initiative, a program designed to help ease the transition of Sprint customers to T-Mobile. According to slides shared with The T-Mo Report, these offers will no longer require migration to T-Mobile’s plans.

One slide, embedded below, details the offers for devices and plans that each program within the Sprint Forward umbrella offers.

The biggest news here is that T-Mobile is no longer requiring migration to get these deals. This is apparently how T-Mobile will handle migration moving forward. Instead of pushing customers to migrate with deals to get them on T-Mobile plans, the carrier will instead apparently be adding all existing Sprint plans to the T-Mobile billing system.

That’s pretty huge. It means that Sprint customers will no longer need to worry about their plans changing. Our sources say that all Sprint plans, even the popular discounted ones like SWAC, will migrate to the T-Mobile systems with no pricing or plan changes.

This has been a big concern for many Sprint customers. There were worries that many Sprint plans wouldn’t make the switch, and that plans would need to be changed. Now, customers simply need to make sure their device is compatible with the T-Mobile network and that they have a T-Mobile SIM card.

Other slides show some more details about Sprint Forward. One slide, shown below, details a few impressive statistics surrounding the migration of Sprint customers.

It shows that the carrier has migrated 2.4 million customers from Sprint plans to T-Mobile plans. It also says that over 14 million Sprint customers have changed their existing SIM cards to T-Mobile ones via the TNX program. Then, overall, 3.4 million people have upgraded their devices.

Another slide details the goals T-Mobile has for the next year when it comes to the Sprint migration.

T-Mobile has the intention to upgrade all older Sprint 3G CDMA devices and non-VoLTE devices by the end of Q1 of this year. It’s unclear how many customers still have older devices, but it can’t be too many by now given that CDMA will shut down in March of this year. They also set the goal of completing TNX by the end of Q2. This is where T-Mobile moves existing Sprint customers to T-Mobile SIM cards, putting them on T-Mobile towers.

Overall, it’s clear T-Mobile is ready to finally get this Sprint merger behind them, and this is how they plan to do it without causing too many issues for customers.

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