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Update 10/4/21: T-Mobile has now confirmed the exclusive Google One plan. The $5/mo tier will include 500GB of storage and 10% off Google Store purchases.

The offer will be available starting October 12th.

Update 9/7/21: Still no updates on when the promotion will happen, but it’s pretty much confirmed. A redemption link is active for the promotion that leads to the below page in a customer’s account. It lists each voice line for the account.

The redemption step after this, however, errors out.

Update 9/1/21: It seems this promotion may have been delayed.

Internally it appears the document has been hidden from view, but still likely exists. The assumption at this time is that the promotion was delayed, possibly to line up a bit closer to the next Google Pixel release, though that’s unclear at this time.

Keep an eye out here on The T-Mo Report for updates. Original article below.

Looks like that T-Mobile and Google partnership is starting to bear fruit.

According to a tip and image shared with The T-Mo Report, embedded below, T-Mobile will soon offer a Google One subscription plan to all T-Mobile postpaid customers and business customers with 12 lines or less. The plan will be exclusive to T-Mobile, featuring 500GB of shared family storage for $5/mo.

Google One is Google’s cloud storage service that offers additional space to store everything on your Google account, including Gmail, Google Photos, and Google Drive.

Currently, Google One offers plans ranging from 100GB at $1.99/mo to as high as 30TB. This 500GB plan wedges between the existing 200GB plan (priced at $2.99/mo) and the 2TB plan (priced at $9.99/mo). It seems the pricing for this T-Mobile exclusive plan fits right in with that price scaling, so this isn’t as much a discount as it is an interesting exclusive plan size.

T-Mobile customers will receive their first month free. Additional months after that will be $5/mo and billed to their T-Mobile postpaid account, similar to how Netflix On Us is billed.

Sprint plan customers are unfortunately not eligible for this new plan, however they will be receiving an exclusive 3-month trial via T-Mobile Tuesdays on September 7th. If correct, this is the first time a T-Mobile Tuesdays offer will be exclusive to Sprint plans.

The new benefit will be available starting September 1st to all T-Mobile postpaid customers with 12 lines or less.

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