T-Mobile Pretends $50/mo Home Internet Is A New Concept, Makes It More Permanent

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T-Mobile announced today via a newsroom post that their Home Internet service will now be $50/mo for everyone with autopay under new “Big Fee Deal” branding. It’s been $60/mo, but with a $10 monthly discount, since all the way back in May. The only change seems to be that instead of a monthly discount rate it’s a base rate.

According to our sources, existing Home Internet customers that have the $50 rate with $10/mo discount will be converted to the new $50 base rate. They will then no longer see the $10/mo discount itemized on the bill, but will retain the $50/mo price.

Changing the base rate to $50 seems to indicate that the $50 price point is going to stick around for a while. It’s possible T-Mobile notices signups slip during the $60 window.

Customers that signed up in March and April when Home Internet was $60/mo can call customer service and ask for the reduced rate, but it will not be retroactively applied.

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