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bogo lines

T-Mobile is rolling out another free voice line promo for existing customers.

According to an internal document we’ve obtained, starting Friday March 5th existing customers who add two new voice lines to their account can get one of them for free.

Internal documentation about the new promo

The document states that any customer with two paid lines or more can add two lines to their account and get one for free. Single lines can also take advantage of the offer if they add four new lines. Those customers will end up with two free lines (lines 3 and 5) due to the stackable third line free promotion also currently available.

The following account types are unfortunately excluded:

  • Subsidy
  • Value Essentials (the 4/$100 Essentials plan offered last year)
  • Military
  • 55+
  • First Responder
  • Amplified
  • Select Choice
  • No Credit Check (sometimes referred to as NCC plans)

The offer is only available for new voice (aka phone) lines. These lines will have the same specifications as the base plan of other lines on the account. For example, if you have an unlimited plan like Magenta or ONE the free line will be a standard unlimited data line. There is a maximum of one free line redemption per account using this specific promo. It will stack with any other free lines you may already have on the account, however.

In 2020 T-Mobile offered free lines for existing customers with no strings attached a number of times over the year. This is the first free voice line promo of 2021, and although it’s not as nice as a no-strings-attached free line, it’s still pretty decent for customers looking to add a few people to their account.

Customers can contact T-Mobile support to add the lines or add them online and save the $20 support fees. There will be a $10 sim fee per line added.

Planning to take advantage of this promo? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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