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T-Mobile is rolling out the big guns for business customers.

Today’s big announcement from T-Mobile is WFX: A set of “solutions” for business customers.

Enterprise Unlimited Plans are now available that offer businesses unlimited talk, text, and data for their workforce.

Home Office Internet offers business customers access to T-Mobile’s Home Internet by providing workers the new 5G gateway to use for work-from-home.

Collaborate is an “AI-powered cloud communication platform” for businesses to work together remotely.

Enterprise Unlimited Plans

Businesses can now give employees unlimited phone lines with the new Enterprise Unlimited Plans.

According to the announcement video, lines will be $37 each and include T-Mobile’s new Collaborate service. It’s unclear if lines are available for cheaper without the Collaborate service.

These new business lines also include 10GB of mobile hotspot data and have the standard 50GB deprioritization cap, as well as 480p video streaming.

Home Office Internet

T-Mobile has offered home internet for a few years now and recently expanded the offering quite a bit, adding their new 5G Gateway. Now, businesses can opt to have these gateways sent to workers to use at home.

The website specifies that the unit will have “Protected Connectivity” meaning that “IT maintains control to ensure access to business-critical applications”.

T-Mobile sells the idea as a supplement to their existing home internet, offering a separate contained network to handle business internet use without interfering with others in the house using the existing home internet.


T-Mobile also unveiled a new mobile-first communication platform called Collaborate. It’s powered by Dialpad, an existing cloud communication platform. It features things like AI-powered voice intelligence that can transcribe conversations in real time and recognize key data like dates and times to ease planning.

Collaborate is $12 per user or $37 per user with a line of service included, and is only available to “qualifying” customers with 11+ lines.

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