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pictures of the mesh node

Thanks to a tip on reddit, a Nokia mesh node with T-Mobile branding has passed through the FCC. It appears to be a modified version of the Nokia Beacon 6 with router functionality disabled, meaning it would only be usable as a node in a mesh network with an existing T-Mobile Home Internet gateway.

As we detailed in our previous post, the T-Mobile Home Internet gateway sports WiFi 6, and the UI mentioned mesh node capability. This new device is called “Nokia T-Mobile extender 2 Gigabit Ethernet, AX4200 Triband Wi-Fi 6, US plug.” in the device’s manual. The device would form a mesh network with the existing gateway via WiFi or ethernet backhaul. The device sports 2 ethernet ports for connecting to devices directly (or for backhaul to the main unit).

It seems T-Mobile is planning on really pushing the new 5G Home Internet service in the coming year with heavy investments in both the base gateway and now these mesh nodes. Keep an eye out for our in-depth review of the gateway unit and home internet service coming soon!

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