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We’re in June, which means that the iPhone 15 will sooner than later stop being Apple’s latest and hottest thing. It also means that as we advance to September, we’re going to see more and more deals pop up that will allow you to get the phone for really cheap, or even free if you look at the right places.

If you’re on Verizon, or maybe open to switching, the company is frequently running deals on Apple’s devices. Here’s how you can get an iPhone for as little as $0.

Verizon is running a series of deals on each variant of the iPhone 15. The biggest deal to take into account is the option to get a free base iPhone 15 (or $829.99 off towards a higher-end model) by either getting a new line or trading in an older phone. Variants of this deal have already been run by the carrier in the past, so this isn’t exactly a new thing, but it’s always good to see it back one way or another.

What’s impressive is Verizon will take any iPhone in any condition as a trade-in for existing customers upgrading their phones. Even a smashed up old iPhone 4 you’ve got laying in a drawer qualifies for the full $830 off.

In addition to this, if you don’t mind paying for the phone (via installments) instead, you can get either a free iPad and an Apple Watch with your purchase or a nice new 65″ TV to go along with it. At a value of $639.99 (at time of publishing) the TV is a pretty sweet offer.

For the TV deal, you’ll need to get your phone with a new line, but that’s perfect for new customers. For the iPad and Apple Watch deal, all you need is a new watch line, which is just a tad bit cheaper.

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