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The internet is the centerpiece of our home entertainment experience. In today’s online world, it’s what we need to access our favorite shows and movies through streaming services, listen to music, and even play videogames.

It’s also what we use to connect gadgets in our home to one another, with smart home devices being able to be controlled with your phone. Verizon has thought of a central hub of sorts for your home internet experience, and it’s pretty cool.

Verizon has rebranded their home internet service into myHome, a new all-in-one service designed to streamline home internet, live TV, entertainment, and smart home offerings. The new branding aligns the home internet service with their other “my” service, myPlan, which is for cell service.

The new myHome offers a range of options for customers to personalize their experience. They can choose from Fios, 5G Home, or LTE Home internet plans with speeds up to 2 Gbps and guaranteed pricing for up to four years. The plans start at $35 per month with Auto Pay and select mobile plans, and even less for qualifying low-income customers.

In addition to internet, customers can select content perks from popular streaming services like Netflix, Max, Disney Bundle, YouTube Premium, and Walmart+ for just $10 per month. Apple One and Apple Music Family will be added later this summer. Connected home perks like cloud storage and the new Home Device Advisor are also available.

Customers can choose to add live TV through Fios TV or YouTube TV, and bundle their mobile and home internet plans for additional savings of up to $300 per year.

According to Verizon, myHome offers choice, flexibility, value, and simplicity. You can think of it as a revamp to its existing home internet and home entertainment offerings under one single umbrella.

Customers have the freedom to customize their selections and modify them at any time. The service aims to address common frustrations with home internet and entertainment by providing transparency, price guarantees, and a user-friendly platform to manage all subscriptions in one place.

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