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In the highly competitive world of mobile carriers, it is becoming increasingly common to see them offer enticing deals to capture new users. While T-Mobile and Verizon are known for their frequent promotional campaigns and even giving away free hardware from time to time (as long as you tie it to a line, of course), AT&T also has some notable offers from time to time.

Now, if you’ve been looking to buy some extra Apple hardware with your upcoming iPhone 15 purchase, AT&T might just have what you want. Just be mindful that these are going to be limited time deals, so if you’re really interested in them, you’ll probably have to be quick here.

AT&T has a pair of new limited-time deals available for customers starting May 3rd. The Apple Duo Bundled Offer and the Apple Triple Bundled Offer will give you some extra Apple hardware in addition to your iPhone 15 upgrade.

If you purchase any device belonging to the iPhone 15 series, you can get either an Apple Watch or an iPad for an extra $0.99 a month through the Duo Bundled Offer. Meanwhile, with the Triple Bundled Offer (which is the one we imagine most people will get), you get both the Apple Watch and the iPad with the package for $0.99 per month each.

There’s always a bit of a catch though: you need to get the iPhone 15 (either on a new line or upgrade an existing phone), a new tablet line, and a new smartwatch line. The devices themselves will be $0.99 each per month.

It’s not “free,” but it’s pretty close, and definitely a perfect deal if you were already in the market for a new tablet and watch.

The $0.99 device payments will continue until the devices are paid off, which is the same 36-month financing period you get with the iPhone you’d be buying. That works out to just over $35 total for an iPad and an Apple Watch, so it’s not too shabby.

You can snag this deal now on AT&T’s website using the link below.

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