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It’s been over a year since we first heard of T-Mobile’s intentions to buy a pair of popular MVNOs, Mint Mobile and Ultra Mobile. The deal to buy both networks, one of which Ryan Reynolds famously owns a majority stake, was first announced all the way back in March 2023.

Both MVNOs already used T-Mobile’s network even before the acquisition, so you’d be forgiven for not remembering this, or for not knowing that the deal was actually not finalized. After some months of regulatory scrutiny, the deal is finally done and over with, and both MVNOs have finally joined the T-Mobile family.

T-Mobile announced the completion of its acquisition of Ka’ena Corporation, which includes wireless brands Mint Mobile, Ultra Mobile, and Plum Wireless. This deal, which was greenlit by the FCC just a few days ago, solidifies Mint and Ultra’s access to T-Mobile’s extensive 5G network and paves the way for the brands to expand their offerings to more prepaid customers throughout the United States.

The leadership team behind Mint Mobile, including founders David Glickman and Rizwan Kassim, will remain where they are, and will keep their operational autonomy while “aligning with the broader T-Mobile strategy”. Ryan Reynolds, who has been the face of the MVNO ever since he acquired a stake back in 2019, will continue as Mint Mobile’s creative lead.

The acquisition, according to T-Mobile, benefits both sides. T-Mobile gains access to Mint Mobile’s direct-to-consumer marketing expertise, while Mint Mobile and Ultra Mobile users benefit from the resources and scale of T-Mobile, creating opportunities for expanded services and potential cost savings.

To celebrate the acquisition, T-Mobile is offering new and existing Mint Mobile and Ultra Mobile customers perks such as Mint’s $15/month plan guarantee, the “Scam Screener” call blocking feature, and enhanced international roaming options. The company promises to continue enhancing customer experiences over time.

We’ll have to see how the MVNOs, especially Mint Mobile, transform over the course of the next few months—while T-Mobile is guaranteeing users won’t see any major disruptive changes and the $15/month plan guarantee remains in place, only time will tell.

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