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We’ve shown you a lot of “free phone” deals over the last few months, and they have all been pretty great. Most of the time, however, said deals involve trading in an older phone and adding a new line. Sometimes it’ll have to be a semi-modern smartphone, while other times, basically any phone (even ones that are several years old) will suffice to take advantage of a deal.

If you’ve been waiting for a deal that involves just opening a new line, or just a trade-in on your existing line, Verizon might just have what you’ve been waiting for — if you want an iPhone, that is.

For a very limited time, Verizon is giving users the opportunity to get a free iPhone 15 when you get a new line, no trade-ins required — just sign up for the new line, wait for your iPhone 15 in the mail, and that’s it.

The line’s plan needs to be either Unlimited Plus or Unlimited Ultimate, but other than this, the deal is as good as it sounds.

Alternatively, if you already have Verizon, you can trade a device you already own and get “up to” the full cost covered. Most recently devices in the last few years qualify for the full credit, while older devices can get around $400.

The cost of the phone is applied as promo credits to your account over the course of an installment plan over the next 36 months. This offer can also not be combined with other offers for the same device, which is standard for this kind of deal.

Plus, if you want, you can snag a free iPad and Apple Watch too, if you add lines for those devices.

If you want to check out this deal, you’ll have to head over to the iPhone 15 listing on Verizon’s website and read up the exact terms in the “available offers” section of the listing. Make sure to act quickly, however, because it looks like the deal will be gone on February 22nd.

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