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Final Update: T-Mobile provided the following statement to us around 11am:

We resolved an issue that caused some customers to experience intermittent issues with texting and calling for a short period overnight. This was related to planned work on our network. We apologize for any inconvenience.

T-Mobile Media Relations

As stated, it appears planned maintenance/network updates caused the temporary issues.

Update 2: As of about 9am Eastern, T-Mobile has informed us that the issue is now resolved. We’ll update if we receive more info, including the cause of the outage.

Update 1: As of about 7:30am Eastern, things appear to be improving. Calls and texts are succeeding much more frequently now. We’ll update as we go and if we hear more from T-Mobile.

It looks like T-Mobile is having some issues this morning with some calls and SMS texts.

As of 6am Eastern on Friday February 16th, T-Mobile customers are experiencing a partial outage of SMS services, and some are also experiencing issues making phone calls.

The issue with SMS appears to cause sent messages to appear to fail, however it seems most of the time those messages are indeed going through. Receiving messages also appears to mostly work. So overall, the “confirmation” of a sent SMS is broken.

In addition, some customers are also reporting issues making phone calls.

The cause and total scope of the outage is not yet clear. There are multiple reports across Reddit and also on DownDetector.

Not only that, but 611, T-Mobile’s support number for customers, is also down. When called, an automated message says they are experiencing technical difficulties.

This news is breaking, and we’ll update this article once we know more.

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