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Update 12/3/23: We’ve obtained the documents for the consumer version of this plan. They are embedded at the bottom of the post.

Mobile Hotspots are a popular way to stay connected when you’re out and about. Sometimes people even use them as a backup ISP for home internet usage. Well it turns out there’s been a great hotspot plan available from T-Mobile for a few months now, and no one noticed.

T-Mobile has been quiet about a new hotspot plan that is available now for most customers. This marks yet another example of the company diving into discounted data connection options, though this one isn’t very obvious.

The plan has apparently been available since August 3, 2023, the deal is a $10 per month ($15 per month without autopay) hotspot plan that includes 30GB of high speed data.

Speeds are reduced to a slow but usable 600kbps download speed after the 30GB threshold is met. The plan is available for both consumer and business accounts.

Internal documents state this is a BYOD-only plan, and devices can’t be financed on it. The plan isn’t for tablets, though; T-Mobile states the intended devices for the plan are devices like “Hotspots, connected laptops, or a Chromebook.”

The plan is available for accounts that are taxes excluded (like Essentials) or taxes included (like Magenta or Go5G), so eligibility is wide open. A voice line is not required to be eligible either – meaning new customers that just want a spare data line can join in without having T-Mobile for their cell plan.

It carries no contingencies, which is a benefit to consumers who have a device and want a simple inexpensive way to connect with it.

Understandably, the plan is not likely to pop up on T-Mobile’s site as eligible for promotional offers either. T-Mobile is intending this to be a BYOD plan, so it makes sense they wouldn’t offer device promotions on the line. Employee discounts can stack on the line too. Various mobile internet, tablet + voice discounts, kickback, Advantage Program, and Military discounts do not.

If you are looking to move to the plan from a different hotspot plan, be wary of any promotions on the existing line. You will likely lose them.

Final Considerations for the T-Mobile Hotspot Plan

Any T-Mobile postpaid customer can get this plan, even new customers that only sign up for this plan.

For comparison, AT&T requires customers to have a voice line for their 15GB $10 per month hotspot plan. T-Mobile’s plan offers double the capacity and doesn’t carry the voice line contingency. Verizon on the other hand doesn’t require a voice line, but the plan is significantly more expensive at $90 per month for 100GB. It’s a lot more data, but you pay much more for it.

This plan is not subject to price lock, so in the future T-Mobile could decide to reassess the price or allotment of data on the plan. That’s a key point to note, and customers that get this plan should keep an eye on the pricing going forward.

While 30GB isn’t about to convince the power user to pick a line up, there are still practical applications for this plan. Those interested in the plan can contact T-Mobile support either via phone or online chat.

Update 12/3/23: Here are the documents for the consumer version of the plan. The SOC codes for this plan is MI30TI for taxes included plans (most people), and MI30TE for taxes excluded plans (older ones like simple choice). New accounts would want to use the taxes included version.

Are you planning to sign up for this secret plan? Let us know in the comments below.

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