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It’s the holidays, which means it’s that time of the year when you can get some insane savings on basically anything you want. All carriers, in some way or another, are offering deals and discounts to try and get users to spend money, whether that’s through free hardware or other kinds of discounts.

T-Mobile has a range of Black Friday deals that include discounts on hardware, streaming services/subscriptions, and even some discounts on new lines. Now, the carrier also wants you to save money on your home internet, too, with a new upcoming deal that you won’t want to miss.

T-Mobile is planning to offer special promotion where it will be taking $20 off high-speed internet when you activate a new home internet line on an eligible unlimited plan. This would take the usual $50 a month home internet usually costs and bring it down to $30 via monthly bill credits (with autopay).

The news comes via internal documents shared with us here at The Mobile Report, linked below.

Perhaps the best part of this, however, is that you can take advantage of this if you’re a T-Mobile customer on, basically, any plan.

When we say any plan, we really mean it. This $20 off promo is typically available all the time for customers on T-Mobile’s premium plans, including Go5G Plus and Go5G Next. This time, however, it’s any plan.

The eligible SOC list is about nine pages long, so we won’t be listing them all, but needless to say pretty much every plan you can think of is on there. It even includes older plans, such as ONE and Simple Choice, so if you happen to be on a really old grandfathered plan and you haven’t switched to a newer one for one reason or another, chances are that you still can take advantage of this.

Of course, like all early leaked promotions, T-Mobile could change their minds last minute, so be sure to double check once the offer goes live.

It’s also possible the deal will stack with the company’s current Blink home security promotion, and maybe even the free 55″ TV offer coming on Black Friday, though we’re not 100% sure yet.

Make sure to claim this deal when you get a chance—it will be ready to go on November 22nd, and you can order in person or online on T-Mobile’s website. The offer ends November 29th.

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