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Update 7/19/23: This change is now in effect, and many customers have been blindsided by the fee in-stores.

Multiple reports from employees have been shared with us here at The Mobile Report indicating that they’ve had complaints and been yelled at multiple times already by customers, and this is just day one.

Original article below.

T-Mobile has been making many unpopular changes lately, leading some customers to call them the “re-carrier”. The company is now making yet another very carrier-like change, and will soon charge a fee for paying your bill in-person at a store.

According to a document shared with us here at The Mobile Report, T-Mobile will soon be charging a $5 (plus tax) fee for paying your phone bill in-store.

The company positions the change as “enabling a digital-enabled future”, and notes that the vast majority of customers pay online or are enrolled in autopay. For those customers that pay in-store, however, there will be a new $5 plus tax fee for doing so.

This new fee joins a growing list of fees the company is now charging. The “Device Connection Charge” was created as a replacement for an “Assisted Support Charge” back in October in order to snag that extra $35 from everyone, even online customers. A few months before that, the company raised their late fees.

Also worth noting, the document says that prepaid customers will not have to pay the new fee at this time. That will likely change, and the document says that those customers will face the fee at a later date.

The new fee begins July 19th for postpaid customers. Those paying their bill in-person will likely be warned by mobile experts when making payments in-person up until that date. If you want to avoid this fee, you can set up an account online if you haven’t already done so, and pay your bill there.

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