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Earlier today, Netflix updated their plans and pricing support article, stating that they are ending the “Basic” plan offer in the US (and the UK). As a result, many T-Mobile customers were worried their free Netflix Basic plan would be ending. Fortunately, it looks like that won’t be the case, and T-Mobile will continue to offer free Netflix Basic to new and existing customers.

According to Eli Blumenthal, Senior Editor at CNET, T-Mobile has confirmed that the existing Netflix “On Us” promotion will not be affected by Netflix’s decision to end the Basic tier subscription.

Apparently, as part of the deal between the two companies, Netflix is allowing T-Mobile subscribers to still sign up for the Basic plan.

T-Mobile has also updated the FAQ for Netflix “On Us”, stating that the change will not affect existing subscriptions. The FAQ even says that customers who decide to upgrade their Netflix subscription to a higher tier (and pay the difference) can go back to the free “Basic” plan at any time.

Netflix also recently ended “password sharing” on Netflix accounts, upsetting many customers across the country. T-Mobile customers with Netflix accounts being billed through their T-Mobile account, which is everyone taking advantage of free or discounted Netflix “On Us”, cannot currently add a secondary paid household to their accounts, severely limiting the effectiveness of a so-called “family” plan.

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