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It’s that time again: Another freebie is headed to T-Mobile stores for customers to pick up as part of the T-Mobile Tuesdays app, and it’s a themed item to celebrate pride month.

As the below document and images show, the item is a free small tumbler in recognition of pride month.

The tumbler is a bit on the small side, and features a plastic removable lid. It’s white and has the classic T-Mobile ‘T’ logo adorned with pride colors. For a size comparison, below is the tumbler beside a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

It’s the second time a tumbler of this kind has been given away. Back in February of 2020, the company offered a nearly identical tumbler with the classic magenta color and a standard T-Mobile ‘T’ logo.

Last year, the company gave away free pride socks for pride month, and a year prior, gave away a different type of tumbler.

This item joins the long list of physical free items the company gives away on Tuesdays.

Customers interested in the free tumbler can claim it in their app on an upcoming Tuesday, likely on the 20th of June, in their T-Mobile Tuesdays app and redeem it in-store.

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